Exotics fruits

Mangue Kent

Kent Mango

Kent mango, the star fruit of Anep company, picked when ripe from the tree, was packaged as quickly as possible to guarantee its freshness. Anep company is committed to offering you a mango of constant quality from March until August.

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The Pineapple Pain de Sucre (Sugar loaf) is grown on hills. This prevents the fields from being flooded. In addition, weeds grow less there than in the plains. This variety is less acidic and sweeter than the MD2 variety or the Smooth Cayenne.

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Avocat Hass

Hass Avocado

Hass avocado is a large fruit that weighs between 200 and 300 g. When it is ripe, its skin turns dark purple blackish and deforms at the slightest pressure. When it's ready to eat, it turns white-green in the middle of the internal fruit. the Hass va ...

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Noix de coco


An exotic fruit from the palmaceae family, the coconut is native to Malaysia. It is considered by Hindus to be the purest form of offering to the gods.

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Exotics vegetables



Okra is a small green vegetable in the form of a capsule, with smooth or downy skin and which contains small edible seeds.

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Carribean pepper

Chili belongs to the nightshade family. There are several kinds of pepper. They are distinguished by the degree of spiciness, shape and color.

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Haricot vert

Green Bean

Green beans, also called tenderloin beans, belong to the legume family. This vegetable, of which we consume the pod at the unripe stage, is rich in protein, vitamins A and C and in minerals Ca, Mg, P and K.

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Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is a shrub with gnarled stems reaching 2 to 5 meters in height. This herbaceous plant has broad compound leaves; the root is long, irregular with a diameter of about 5 cm.

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Dried fruits

Mangue séchée

Dried Mango

Appreciated for its mild flavor and exquisite taste, this dried mango offers an exceptional taste experience. Its juicy texture and deliciously fragrant aroma make it a real treat.

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Ananas séché

Dried Pineapples

Renowned for its sweet flavor and exquisite taste. Its juicy texture and divinely fragrant aroma make each bite an unforgettable gourmet experience.

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Noix de coco séchée

Dried coconut

The exquisite flavor of desiccated coconut, a delectable tropical treat. Its sweet flavor and refined taste make it an incomparable taste experience. A juicy texture and delicately fragrant aroma that add an exotic touch to every bite. An irresist ...

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